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About Us


“Anju Tiwari” Ji was the founder and M.D. of Manya Home Appliances. She saw Manya Home Appliances grow from a small start-up to a thriving company with showrooms and warehouses located all over the area. Manya Home Appliances was an idea that emanated from Anju ji’s intuitive mind. Her brilliant insights helped her identify certain latent needs that became the cornerstone of her business model and a source of inspiration for the company. The credibility Anju Tiwari ji had earned during her years of work has helped “Golden Bird Appliances” reach its current status.

Anju Ji’s mission was to enhance people’s lives by developing products and solutions for a quiet, healthy & stylish home.

Anju Tiwari - MD of goldenbird | goldenbird | MD

People always counted on Manya Home Appliances as they’re reliable, efficient, a joy to use, and provide you with peace of mind. And Golden Bird Appliances has retained that trust. Anju Ji’s dream was to make remarkable products keeping in mind the needs of the modern consumer. And we can proudly say that she has achieved that dream; it’s still sad that she is not here to enjoy this success.

Back in the early days, it was a lot of fun and a lot less pressure Anju Ji used to say. Years ago, Anju Ji had glimpses of the business’s potential and wanted it to be big. And finally, all her hard work has paid off as Manya Home Appliances has become Golden Bird Appliances and turned into one of the go-to places for people in Lakhimpur and the nearby areas. Of course, this has all been possible with Anju Tiwari ji’s sense of humor, generosity, and always positive attitude, which came as a blessing to us all.

Hopefully, in some years, all of us can look back with amazement at how much the business has grown and evolved since Anju Ji left us and went to the heavenly abode, a better place. Plus, we’re very excited about the future too, and we’re very ambitious and keen to provide the best shopping experience in Lakhimpur, U.P., and the surrounding areas.

Finally, God wipes away tears from our eyes, and since the former things have passed away, there will be tears no more, just remembrance. She’ll forever be remembered & deeply missed. But Golden Bird Appliances will move on in her memory and become larger, better, and grander than ever.


Goldenbird cooler bring for you natural cool air in summer season and joy.
We have full care of your comfort, so we use in our coolers high quality components. It’s highly tested Motor which gives reliability. It’s aluminum blades capable of being able to blow long distance air with high quality pads giving cool air and refreshing in extreme heat.

Goldenbirds tries to keep you refreshed by cool breeze in all season. This cooler save your wealth by consuming low power and it naturally keeps you healthy.
It pulls air through windows and doors and makes them flaw steadily no ill effect on your health no.